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CreateInstall also provides a built-in compiler that allows you to use the C language for generating Python and Ruby scripts, as well as XML configuration files. In addition, you can include customized resources from a file on your computer into the compiled setup. What’s more, you can also include and edit custom information in the generated file, such as author, copyright date, and software version.
Finally, you can also preview how each project looks like, choose the resources you want to 99d5d0dfd0

Prototype Editor
A javascript script to help Users create prototypes at the touch of a Button.
Users simply add desired Code to the TextArea and when they are done click the Button and insert the code the the webpage.
It applies HTTP Streams in the IDE encoding if you don’t have a solution ready it converts
all codes, which you add to the area.

Provide a web-interface for organizing configuration, updating websites and UI kits for Visual Designer