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Behind the scenes of the new Starz series “The Girlfriend Experience” (Photo: Starz)

Hollywood, have you heard about the new Starz series “The Girlfriend Experience”? As Starz calls it, “Sex is an everyman’s game” in the new and improved “Sex and the City.” On the heels of HBO’s controversial “Hard Knocks” series, an ongoing feud between baseball players and the league, and the squandering of Empire Records — and now another scandal that may jeopardize the future of “Empire” — “The Girlfriend Experience” is poised to stir the pot of sex, money, and politics.

Starz certainly has the pedigree to launch a show about women in the entertainment industry. Before “The Girlfriend Experience,” most of their shows have featured men or white people in Hollywood and the music business — a blatant reflection of where the networks and the industry think that most people live. But now, they’ve finally launched a show about the women who work in Hollywood.

“The Girlfriend Experience” follows Carrie (played by Golden Globe nominee Tatiana Maslany) as she provides “experiences” to men in her line of work. Men pay her for the “experiences” she provides, and Carrie only gets paid once she’s given the experience she’s promised. Carrie’s experiences are considered kinky and taboo in most parts of the world, but her work has an air of legitimacy because she works as a legal escort.

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Since the show is set in a world where women in Hollywood are famous and most famous women are escorts, it’s a world that most of us can recognize. Carrie is even on a TV show that’s airing right now on Starz: “Outlander.” The show is based on a book by Diana Gabaldon and is set in the mid-18th century, but even in this age when women have become successful and in positions of power (along with men), a woman is still considered a celebrity for simply being who she is.

Like most TV shows that talk about sex, “The Girlfriend Experience” explores the escorting world like it’s an absurdist fantasy. The first episode


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