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Keeping notes for every personal contact or professional contact can be a nuisance after if the address book keeps swelling. With numbers comes omission and loss of information so being ready for this type of routine can prove difficult enough for any user. If you need a tool that can manage your contact and organize all information about them, Pimex can assist you with that.
Clean and vintage-looking interface
Right from the start you can notice the professional build and you can make an idea about it already. The app start on Address Book and prompts you an empty catalog that eventually, will be full o contact.
Besides the address book, you can notice the “Selection Table”, from where you can isolate contacts and add/remove information or view their profiles, a “Calendar”, that allows you to link contact with dates I order to create reminders, a “Diary” that does exactly what a diary is supposed to do but in electronic format and a “Notes” tab where all your general information, idea, future projects can be stored.
Create contacts for your address book
To create a new contact, hit “Add/Edit” and a new window will pop up. The window contains templates for every bit of information that can be associated with a contact. Fill in names, job titles, home address, company etc.
Furthermore, the pop up window is a complex structure in its own as it sports multiple panels that lest you add more information to your contacts in order to assure a complete and dependable address book
Selection table and calendar features
If you select a contact and hit “Action” another menu will appear. From that menu you can search for targeted info, create session logs, assign contacts to distribution lists, holiday lists and more.
Also, the calendar can be used to create reminders like birthdays, deadlines etc, in order to schedule them to notify you when an action must be executed.
All in all
Pimex is a powerful app that can help you take care of all your contact and contact information, all under a clean and intuitive UI. Still, the app requires a little bit of know-how to make it work, and for new users, taking some time to familiarize with it is advised.







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Pimex Cracked 2022 Latest Version is the best app for organizing all your data. You can manage all your contacts, calendar events and notes. Create and synchronize groups with other users. Your contact list will never be lost.
* Automatically sync contacts, notes and calendar events
* Organize your contacts with categories and tags
* Access and edit notes for any contact
* Easily create and edit appointments, notes and group calendars
* Switch between multiple calendars and contacts
* Keep notes on multiple contacts with Evernote
* Quickly add or remove contacts from your contact list
* Manage all your contacts in a huge contact list with text search
* Create reminders for any contact
* Easy synchronization with iPhone, iPad and Windows devices
* Beautiful and clean interface
Pimex Activation Code can also be used in other ways. It can be used as a Mac desktop app, or you can sync and organize your contacts, notes and calendar events on your Mac.

Try CLEAR once. You’ll never go back.
CLEAR is the world’s easiest and most powerful way to organize, edit, and find all your contacts, calendar events and notes.
With CLEAR, everything just works. You can manage your contacts, notes and calendar events at your own pace.
After just a few minutes, you’ll:
• View and manage multiple contacts, calendar events and notes
• Manage your contacts using auto-complete and text search
• Edit notes and change or delete events
• Sync and share your notes and calendar events with other users
• Add or remove contacts from your list at your own pace
• Find contacts using a huge and easy to search contact list
• And much more
With CLEAR, you can now get all your contacts, notes and calendar events out of the chaos of your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
Discover how easy it is to get all your information together in one place.

PLEASE READ THIS: You are about to download a trial version of the application. The trial version will be removed from your device once the end of the trial period expires.

CLEAR Description:
CLEAR is the world’s easiest and most powerful way to organize, edit, and find all your contacts, calendar events and notes.
With CLEAR, everything just works. You can manage your contacts, notes and calendar events at your own pace.
After just a few minutes, you’ll:

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A free, useful and powerful Mac tool for recording keyboard shortcuts and macros.
Keyboard Macro Manager provides over 2,000 keyboard shortcuts. You can easily capture and save keyboard shortcuts by simply clicking on a button. You can assign a keyboard shortcut and set a sequence of keystrokes.

Creator of Keymacro, Jeff Walker has been a professional content creator and developer for many years. He is also a professional freelance writer who is passionate about technology.

Keymacro Overview
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Keymacro is a free utility for macOS that can be used to manage keyboard shortcuts and to capture macros.

The Keymacro interface is clean, simple and very intuitive. You can choose to manage all your keyboard shortcuts in one place or to break them down by category.

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Keymacro organizes all your keyboard shortcuts and macros by categories. You can also search them by text or by category.

How to use Keymacro
Keymacro is a very easy to use application, which is fast and very intuitive.

Keymacro has a simple interface, with many options. To access all of the available functions, the main window is divided in four sections: Home, Settings, Shortcuts, and Macros.

• Home – This is where all of the information is located, including keyboard shortcuts, shortcuts for applications and windows. You can also search for existing shortcuts by text, category, app,

What’s New in the Pimex?

Want a stylish Address Book or Calendar to store all your contacts, events, and notes? Then look no further. What makes Pimex different from other Contact manager is its vast capabilities. Pimex offers Calendar, Address Book, To-Do list and Notes. It also has synchronization with Google (Google and Gmail). Pimex is a free address book for your phone. It is compatible with most smartphones and tablets including iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and other, as well as Nokia phone. Pimex has been designed and developed in such a way that it offers a clean interface and is easy to use. It has features like support for multiple sources, syncing with Google, ability to create new contacts, import/export contacts, integration with Google Calendar and other services.
You can search, add or edit contacts, groups and tasks, add/edit notes, create tasks, add events and distribute them to groups, events and contacts. You can also edit and modify contacts info, add contacts info, edit contacts info, modify groups, tasks and events.
If you want to use Pimex as a simple Address Book, then you can add and modify contacts, groups, events and notes. You can also view and edit address book info like phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc. Pimex also has support for Google, Outlook, Dropbox, Zoho and Yahoo accounts. You can import contacts from other applications using the Import option in the main menu.
Address Book & Calendar Organizer is simple and clean address book organizer which helps you to keep track of people and organize and view them in a separate tab.
Address Book & Calendar Organizer was created to solve the age-old problem of organizing and managing contacts and appointments in an easy and organized way. You don’t need to worry about syncing with your phone anymore. Address Book & Calendar Organizer automatically syncs with your Google, Outlook and other accounts, making it even easier to manage your contacts.
Address Book & Calendar Organizer is a simple and clean address book organizer which helps you to keep track of people and organize and view them in a separate tab. Address Book & Calendar Organizer automatically syncs with your Google, Outlook and other accounts, making it even easier to manage your contacts.
Why have two address books? This app will let you use one for personal and one for business contacts. It will also let you know if a business has a contact in the personal address book!
This app allows you to have one Address book for your personal and business contacts. If a contact is found in both, it will add the business contacts to the personal one.
All contacts are shared with Microsoft Exchange, and are also sync’d with Google, Apple and Gmail accounts. This app automatically updates from these sources as well.
Is it really free?Yes

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K @ 4.8GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
OS: Windows 10 Home
DirectX: Version 11
DISCLAIMER: Time to Kill 2 is completely fan-made and not endorsed by Time to Kill, Paradox Interactive, or anyone else. Time to Kill 2 is a product of nothing more than player imagination and is not associated with any group of people, corporation, or other entity. Time to Kill 2 is a completely


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