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Picture Transfer Companion is a useful tool for the users who need to transfer images and videos from an iPhone. The program allows you to establish a direct connection between the PC and your device in order to transfer the files.
If you want to download the photos from your iPhone and do not have a cable, this program aims to help you by using a wireless connection. In order to create the connection you need to install the application on the computer and download the mobile app on the phone to start transferring files.
The program is designed to facilitate the data transfer without having to configure the phone. It uses the Bonjour detection service to automatically find the compatible devices.
When you are launching the companion application, the main window provides you with step by step instructions on how to start using it. Basically, you just need to connect both devices to the same network and tap the Import button from the iPhone app.
In order to upload a file you need to drop it on the main window and the program takes care of the rest. The Picture Transfer app can also export images to the PC, in which case the companion simply prompts you for the location where you want to save it.
Picture Transfer Companion makes multimedia transfer an easy task for any user that can connect the iPhone to the PC with a wireless network. If you are having problems establishing the connection, an online troubleshooting guide can be accessed from the main window.









Picture Transfer Companion Activation

• Features:
Connect a mobile device to your computer wirelessly.
To find, register and use your IP address.
Use your own IP address to connect.
Select the size, resolution, number of images, etc.
Create a list of favorites from your images and play them.
Capture video from your mobile device.
Import, export and manage the images in your mobile device.
More than 800.000 users download Picture Transfer Companion.
Privacy policy:

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Picture Transfer Companion Crack+ Free

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Picture Transfer Companion Crack

KeyMacro is a convenient utility that will allow you to make your text copy-pasting from the computer to your iPhone more faster and effective.
KeyMacro allows you to save your time and effort during the text copy-pasting process. With the help of this application you will be able to search for the required text on the internet by using the one-key method. As soon as you type the keyword, the matching texts will be highlighted in the application. You just need to touch the highlighted text and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard and added to the application.
Other options that KeyMacro offers are the ability to search the web for links, URLs, phone numbers, images, videos, songs, movies, and more. Moreover, you can manually add text, images, videos, links, and phone numbers to the database.
All these features make KeyMacro a valuable addition to your iPhone. Now you can quickly copy and paste the text data from the computer to your device.
KeyMacro does not require any Internet access to work. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
How to Crack?
1. Open the download file
2. Install the program
3. Run the program as administrator
4. Generate a serial number
5. Download it
6. After copying the Crack folder on the destination
7. Press the active button
8. The Crack will be installed
9. Enjoy
KEYMACRO Features :
1. Copy and Paste Text from the computer to the iPhone.
2. Search the web for Links, Links, Images, Text, and more.
3. Search for Phone Numbers, Images, Videos, Movies, Songs and more.
4. Search for Images, Text, and more by using the Keyword.
5. It has a built-in offline database.
6. It is free, and it does not require any Internet connection.
7. Scan the database.
8. It can scan the content of the computer.
9. Supports various databases.
10. It works for Windows and Mac.
KEYMACRO Requirements :
1. 2 GB Ram
2. iOS 10
3. 4GB Storage
4. Network Connection
5. Universal Binary
6. Minimum iOS version is 9.0
License :
KeyMacro Pro is a registered trademark of company.
Mac and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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What’s New In?

(EPUB) Mobile app for iPhone
image transfer utility with Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi capability
Support for iPhone 5/5s/5c/5 and iPhone 6/6s/6/6+
A wireless transmission method without cable
Supports Android/iOS
Listening Power of Handphones
Bluetooth low energy;
Maximum transmission distance of 15m
How to start?
1. Connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable or a wireless network (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi).
2. Launch the application on the computer and open the scanning window to start scanning the nearby mobile phones. If the scanning results show that there are devices to connect, tap the connection icon.
3. If there is only one device to connect, the iPhone will be automatically connected to the selected device. If there are multiple devices, tap the device to connect to it.
4. When the connection is done, select the import/export button. Then select the import function to import data from the iPhone.
5. If the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, then select the import function.
6. When the data transfer is done, select the export function to export data to the iPhone.
7. If there are multiple devices to connect, choose a device to connect.
8. You can also share the content with the selected device using the sharing function.
Features of the Picture Transfer Companion
1. The program is designed to make the data transfer easy. When you are launching the companion application, the main window provides you with step by step instructions on how to start using it. Basically, you just need to connect both devices to the same network and tap the Import button from the iPhone app.
2. When you are importing data, the import window provides you with the details of the file to be imported. You can specify the name, the extension, the type, and the path of the file you want to transfer.
3. When you are exporting data, the export window provides you with the information of the file to be exported. You can specify the name, the extension, the type, the path and the frequency of the file to be exported.
4. The application is compatible with iPhone 5/5s/5c/5 and iPhone 6/6s/6/6+ models. When the app is launched, the scanning window will appear. The scanning will be initiated automatically by the program.
5. The program supports Bluetooth low energy. You can connect to any other phone that has Bluetooth low energy. The phone can either be paired with the program or paired to the computer.
6. The application is compatible with Android/iOS. It can be used on any Android phones and iOS phones.
7. You can use

System Requirements For Picture Transfer Companion:

Laptop (with a CPU and RAM that can handle CS:GO and not a P4. P4 is not recommended for CS:GO because the game is very demanding on RAM. You need at least 6GB RAM for CS:GO.)
(with a CPU and RAM that can handle CS:GO and not a P4. P4 is not recommended for CS:GO because the game is very demanding on RAM. You need at least 6GB RAM for CS:GO.) Ip Address – IP/Port:


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