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SEAMCAT is an integrated software tool based on the Monte-Carlo simulation method. It permits statistical modelling of different radio interference scenarios for performing sharing and compatibility studies between radiocommunications systems in the same or adjacent frequency bands.
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SEAMCAT models the geographical area of the service area of a radiocommunications system to study the impact of interference from other systems sharing the same or adjacent frequency bands.
A detailed description of the modelling methodology adopted by SEAMCAT can be found in P. Belfiore, F. Cattani, and G. Matragora, “Theory and application of statistical electromagnetic modelling to spectrum allocation”, Electromagnetics, 16, 2005, pp. 1381-1395.
SEAMCAT covers all the aspects of the interference scenario in the field area of interest for the sharing and/or compatibility studies.
It may take into account any kind of interference generated from the different source types such as base stations, satellites, moving vehicles, fixed installations, etc.
SEAMCAT also calculates the sharing capacity that is reached for each radiocommunication system and for a range of value of the interference power level.
Moreover, it calculates the compatibility level for the radiocommunications system of interest under different values of the interference power level.
SEAMCAT uses the original output of an electromagnetic or radio frequency simulation model (e.g., HFSS, ANSYS, etc.).
SEAMCAT has the following features:
High degree of detail and flexibility: SEAMCAT permits the modelling of any kind of interference from the different source types; it can simulate the propagation of waves of a given type (e.g., radio, radar, etc.) or of any kind of wave (e.g., laser, etc.) in the model area; it takes into account the propagation conditions (e.g., the terrain condition, etc.); it accounts for the radiation pattern of the source (e.g., point or diffuse); it allows for the simulation of the propagation of waves in each area of interest (e.g., square, hexagon, etc.); it allows the use of specific terrain characteristics, etc.);
Modeling of many source types at the same time: SEAMCAT can simulate the presence of several sources at the same time, taking into account their specific parameters and the source type (e.g., radio, radar, moving vehicle, etc.);
Support for different interference types: SEAMCAT is able to represent different interference type, such as interference from moving vehicles, base stations, etc.
Extension and development of SEAMCAT: SEAMCAT

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SEAMCAT is a software tool based on Monte-Carlo simulation, it provides a tool that is capable of simulating radio interference scenarios in order to perform sharing and compatibility studies between radiocommunications systems in the same or adjacent frequency bands.
It provides a wide range of support for the UHF and EHF frequency bands, different signal distributions, antennas and power levels. It allows the simulation of a large number of possible interferers from each of the systems analysed, as well as the modelling of scenario in which the interferers are moving. In addition, since SEAMCAT uses random number generation with a fast algorithm that reduces the necessary computational resources, the simulation time is very short, saving a lot of time. It is also capable of simulating high density networks, where hundreds or thousands of links must be considered.
The simulator developed in SEAMCAT has been integrated in a third party application for different mobile operators and is being used since 2002.

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What’s New In SEAMCAT?

System Requirements:

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox
Mac OS X: 10.6
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
DirectX version 10 (XP and Vista) or DirectX version 11 (Windows 7)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 GHz or higher
Video Card: DirectX 10
Additional: 1024×768
Conversion time taken from the video:
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