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Starring Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Meat Loaf, Zach Grenier.n An office worker with insomnia and a crazy soap maker.
6 Super Duper Villain
The Addams Family, USA
Cast: Brendan Gleeson, Whoopi Goldberg, Sam Rockwell, Michael Stuhlbarg, Matthew Fox, Lisa Stansfield, Robin Wright.
One of my mom’s favorite films as a child.
8. Good old teddy bear
“Uncle Boonmi” (1979), India
“Rabbit Bugs Bunny”, USA “Pinocchio”, Italy “Winnie the Pooh”, Great Britain “Bambi”, USA, Canada “Miracles on bends”, USA + France “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, USSR, USSR “Dog and Cat”, USA Funny story about a dog who became a dog hairdresser for his little mistress.
9. Retro detective/detective thriller
Ruthless, USA 1957
“Man of All Trades”, USA 1968 “Kid”, USA 1977
“Sleuth”, USA 1960s “The Simpsons”, USA 2000 “Harvey Milk”, USA 2002
10 The Simpsons Movie
“Passion for Chapay”, USSR
“DuckTales”, USA 2001
“Simpson at the Movies”, USSR 1992
“Family Guy Movie” Homer, Matt, Lisa and Bart on screen next to their favorite actors “The Simsons”, “Comedy”, “Little Rascals”, “Hannah Montana”, “Arthur and the Invisibles”, “The Incredibles”, “The Futurama Family” , The Sims, Madagascar, Bakugan, Nautilus Wonders, Hercules, Dinosaurs Vacation, South Park
11. Comedy
“Shamakhani Queen”, USSR 1983
12. Love and doves
“Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath”, USSR 1975
“White dew”, USSR 2007
13. Love stories
“Two comrades served”, USSR 1985
Mash’s New Year Adventures



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