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Designed to help professionals to manage, develop, simulate and evaluate complex mechanical systems and their respective components, Inventor is a 3D application, which provides multilayer modeling and interactive 2D/3D visualization.

Nx is a Design and Assembly application, which has following major topics:
Design and Assembly
Assets Management
Solution Development

You can read more about the major topics here.
It is developed using the following technologies:
Design and Assembly
Design and Assembly is a multi-user application that enables users to
quickly create and collaborate on designs and assemblies. It has
multiple layers to support the process of design and assembly.

You can download the tool in the following manner:
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Theoretical download speed for reading an iso image

Some time ago I asked about possible ways to download a low-res image of a compact disc for later burning (up to ~10MiB).
As the link is intended for a readout, I asked if it is feasible that such a disc could be read while it is still spinning (I am no specialist on this field, this is why I do not know if it is possible).
Because of the response I received I have refrained from posting the question again.

However, the person who tried to answer my question has just sent me this email

It is quite unlikely that you will be able to read a disc while it is spinning, not because it has to be circular but because the geometry is correct (reducing the size of the whole disk by half) it is not enough to increase the diameter by 50%.

Am I right?


Some time ago I asked about possible ways to download a low-res image of a compact disc for later burning (up to ~10MiB).

Unless the storage medium itself is unknown, then your only challenge is one of bandwidth. The link you have is for the equivalent of a 3.5″ disc, and has a capacity of 2.8GB. That’s not a lot. Try reading from an MPEG-1 disc directly into another storage medium, and

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