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The free version of Photoshop is handy for learning how to manipulate images. Adobe offers Photoshop Elements, which is a free version that is much more user friendly than the full-featured program.

Photoshop defines an image as having a resolution of 72 dpi. If you work in a full-color format, that means that you can represent every pixel in the image with 4 bits of color data.

Photoshop has a decent basic tutorial on its website that explains how to use Photoshop’s tools and functions. The site offers good tips on editing images, web design techniques, and how to create a layout.

Keeping Basic Editing Techniques Straight

Every Photoshop user relies on their basic editing skills in order to be able to create their own images. When you’re learning to use the full-fledged editing power of Photoshop, you’ll have to develop the muscle memory to be able to do basic adjustments quickly. Here are some basic techniques you need to know when creating images:

Image size: Whatever your final size of your images will be, the canvas size should be 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. This is the default size in Photoshop. This size also enables you to work with multiple images on a single layer.

Transform: The Transform tool enables you to move and resize your image or layer by dragging and dropping it. Figure 9-1 shows the Transform tool selected. You can also use the Zoom tool to take a closer view of areas on an image or layer.

View: Use the view options to zoom in and out from your image or on the space in which your image lives. Use the following view options:

• Normal: View your image at 100 percent on-screen, which appears in a full-screen mode.

• Fit to Screen: View your image in its original canvas size and also stretch it to fill the screen.

• Fit to Window: View your image in its original canvas size and also shrink it to fit the window.

• Fit to Print: View your image in its original canvas size but resize it to fit the standard printing paper size for the printer you have.

Pen tool: Select the Pen tool from the tools palette on the top left of the screen. The pen is used for making lines, drawing shapes, and making other lines, shapes, and graphics. When you click anywhere on your canvas, Photoshop places a line at that point. You can make these lines thicker and solid by using the brush tool.

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This blog is a guide to the features of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, with tips for editing photos and handling video.

Under the Tools menu, you’ll find some essential icons for editing.

The ACR icon is used for the Adobe Camera Raw engine, which is used for RAW and JPEG image editing. You’ll be seeing this icon a lot when you use Photoshop Elements.

The Common icon is the search icon. You can use it to search for commands, tools, and features.

The Contribute icon is used for making changes to the editing process. For example, you can use it to add your own tools and custom commands. You’ll see this icon a lot too in the next section.

The AI icon is the AI editor, which is used for creating and improving Photoshop templates. You’ll be using this feature a lot too.

The History icon is where you can view your history of edits. By default, the history only shows the most recent edits. You can use the history control bar to scroll through different versions.

The Pencil icon is used for drawing on the canvas. You can draw custom shapes, lines, and text. You can also make graphic selections (like when you’re painting over a document) with the Pencil tool.

The Paint Bucket tool is used for making selections. You can use it to make a quick selection or to paint over sections of the image.

The Rectangular Marquee tool is used for cropping and applying effects and filters to images. You can use it to cut out shapes from an image or to apply design to the entire image.

The Trash can icon is used for deleting items (like layers) that aren’t used anymore. You can’t undo a delete, but you can use the Undo button at the bottom of the window to get back to where you were.

The Move tool is used for dragging and moving objects or groups of objects. You can move objects in an image, change their size, and rotate and scale them.

The Pen tool is used to draw and draw shapes. You can use the Line tool to make geometric lines (like squares and rectangles). You can use the Eraser tool to remove unwanted objects or lines from an image.

The Zoom tool is used for zooming in and

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