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Seahorse (formerly Easy Website Pro) Crack + Activation Free

The original Easy Website was a free tool for creating websites. The database, loaded to a series of ready-made templates, enables you to start publishing an online store, personal blog or small business. A true user-friendly program for users with no web design experience.



Overall, the app needs some maintenance. Some of the existing projects (even free ones!) display ads, while others (even free ones!) appear to be missing a lot of functions. From time to time, content does disappear, while others remain accessible. Some graphic designs look extremely dated.
While, overall, the program has a solid structure, it lacks important elements, e.g. support for WordPress and other well-known blogging platforms, which is why we do not recommend it for novice users.
On the other hand, Free Web and Web Design tools, like this one, which are not suited for those new to the subject, are a good option.


Overall, it is a great piece of software that could be used even by those people without any web design experience.
The app allows you to create a fully functional website in just a few steps and a drag and drop editor. It enables you to create your own logos, contact forms, ads and add links to sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.
The app has a clean and intuitive interface, although it can still be a bit complex for novice users.
You can create fully-responsive websites and edit the visual components of your page using a comfortable and easy-to-use environment.
A user can add essential tools for a modern website, and the program provides different sizes of the background and link texts with different colors. The program also has a built-in plug-in to customize hyperlinks, CSS and HTML.


The app is entirely based on templates, which means that a user has the opportunity to create multiple websites with the same quality.
All the changes and edits are saved with the project, but you can also edit the code of the template in the editor itself.
The app also has a WYSIWYG editor that is suitable for a novice web designer, and it can be useful to users with no web design experience.
With the program, you can create your own designs, and you can import your own graphics from your devices.
With all of the functions provided by the app, you will be able to create a website that will get noticed.

Seahorse (formerly Easy Website Pro)

Easy Website Pro is an extremely capable website editor for Windows. Not only does it have a powerful editor with all the options you’d expect from such an application, it also lets you design websites from a variety of templates, including modern templates like ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Manta’ plus templates for older websites that look modern but are still easy to use. The templates are more than just a collection of CSS files, and you can use your own images too – in fact, the best part of Easy Website Pro is that the entire website editor interface is designed to be interactive and have extra options so you can change anything in the template. It’s also possible to get the HTML code for your website.

You can use the “Link Manager” to publish your website to a local destination or to a server. It automatically generates the necessary code based on your site’s settings, and you can even download the code and view it in Notepad. Save your site in HTML, XML, XHTML, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP or Java. There’s also a web based FTP client that lets you upload and download files.

You can get help with anything to do with your site with the included online help, even with the advanced settings for advanced users.

You can create your own font and upload it to the website program. And, it looks like this program has a ton of other nice things in it, but that’s my point, it’s a pretty damn good tool for web design. What do you think?

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Easy Website Pro

Easy Website Pro (formerly Easy Website Pro) was a website creation program released in 2005 by MJ Technologies. It was available for Microsoft Windows. The program allows designers to create and customize websites. It is based on a similar program released by MJ Technologies earlier in the decade called Window’s Site Designer. The program includes a flexible web page editor that allows the user to easily access all program functions. Easy Website Pro uses Microsoft Visual Studio.NET to create and customize website designs.

The website can be easily created and modified using the easy to use interface. Designers can create a number of backgrounds, navigation menus, text fields, and unlimited links. Text can be highlighted and underlined for emphasis, and HTML can be created. The website or site package can be published with the click of a mouse. Hyperlinks can be automatically created and the program can be used in various multimedia formats including Flash, audio and video.


Seahorse (formerly Easy Website Pro) (LifeTime) Activation Code

Seahorse is a powerful application that enables you to create professional-looking websites in a few simple steps. It supports templates, background and foreground color customization, along with custom captions and links.User-friendly interfaceDesign capability (with built-in design option, different effects for the background, elements and text can be applied to help create a great-looking website.)Create your own logoLogo creation is made possible with the built-in logo creator function from a template, that allows custom text and text colors. By accessing the advanced settings, user-defined values can be inserted.The “Design” interface also permits you to change the layout, theme clip, and theme image (from many predefined templates). With the help of the “Element Preview” window, the changes can be seen in real time.Pages functionalityThe “Pages” section can adapt to specific needs, having a visual and code editor with extended functions like Flash, media, YouTube, PayPal, and hyperlinks. You can also create beautiful intros and use many extras like CSS, HTML, meta tags, quick navigation and colored scroll bars, so every part of your website will come out exactly the way you intend to.Faster use using template projectsSeahorse starts the editing process from predefined projects. If other designs are required, they can be downloaded from the developer’s website.After editing, the webpage needs to be published. That is when the “Publish” function comes in handy, ┬ásince it sends your website to a local destination or a server.At any stage of the creation process you can either open, save or create a new project, as well as use the integrated help documentation to answer any questions.
This app was listed under these programs:
Seahorse Full Alternative:Easy Website Pro does not anymore support the Mac AppStore. On the off chance that you are a user of Easy Website Pro and try to download it from the Mac AppStore you might have problems. So you must be in a position to download Easy Website Pro from Softpedia directly.Softpedia has adjusted the download of Easy Website Pro manually for each Mac-user.

Easy Website Pro or Seahorse is a powerful application that enables you to create professional-looking websites in a few simple steps. It supports templates, background and foreground color customization, along with custom captions and links. User-friendly interface Design capability (with built-in design option, different effects for the background, elements and text can be applied to help create a great

What’s New in the Seahorse (formerly Easy Website Pro)?

Seahorse is a powerful yet easy-to-use website editor that enables you to create professional-looking websites in a few simple steps. Its intuitive design lets you quickly create outstanding websites with different file formats, styles, and layouts. Easily customize the application’s interface and make your website unique.
Seahorse is as easy to use as it is powerful. The simplified “Seahorse Studio” interface is all you need to get started designing a new website. Easily customize the interface or create your own theme.
What’s New in Seahorse 2.0:
Optimized for the Windows 10 operating system.
Added powerful new features.
Create stunning and detailed websites.
Create beautiful, full-screen intros and titles.
Create unique logo styles in seconds.
Adobe Flash support.
Adobe AIR support for creating flash websites.
Adjustable visual and editing controls for pixel precision.
Customise the interface and make your own style using new themes.
Create website layouts like never before.
Easily add Google fonts to your layouts.
Embed YouTube videos into pages.
Full HTML editing, including HTML5 and CSS3.
Streamline all your pages.
Built-in FTP support for easy uploading.
Choose from a wide selection of great-looking templates.
Web and HTML editors.
Impress your clients with your web design skills.
Powerful HTML editing.
Speed up your website production with hundreds of animation effects.
Visual editor for websites.
Automatically code your pages using CSS and html properties.
Inline editing of HTML.
Customise and colour the background of the whole website.
Edit HTML document properties.
Create hyperlinks.
What’s New in Seahorse 2.2:
Hundreds of new features and improvements.
Themes that change the appearance of the website.
Choose from more than 30 themes and more than 200 backgrounds.
Create your own custom theme.
Customise your interface and make your own look.
Simple website creation software is great if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to learn to create websites. Seahorse is the perfect choice because it makes website creation a breeze. The application provides a visual and coding editor for a unique website. No downloads or pages. No ads. No software to install. Just a few mouse clicks to create a stunning website. You can customize the interface and make your site look unique.
Easily edit your website’s elements and background

System Requirements:

You can either use the standard full version, or download the free trial version.
The full version has a little more, but the trial version is enough to test it out.
Please download and install this first. The full version has a little more, but the trial version is enough to test it out.

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