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Features Key:

  • New Action RPG
  • Rich Fantasy World
  • Storytelling with Epic Drama
  • Customization of your own character
  • Huge Dungeon
  • Online play with up to four players
  • Online play with a large number of players
  • Eligible class(es)

    Hail the Elden Ring, Lords of the Lands Between!

    All classes from Garlean Empire 7 can obtain a transmutation stone that can be used to create the “Elden Ring Mark” that allows you to use the Elden Ring Weapon Skill. The progression rate differs depending on the class when it is created. Elden Ring Marks are not usable as primary battle gear.

    • Defense: Common (Lv 40+15), Upperclass (Lv 70+30), Gold (Lv 100+40)
    • Multiplayer: Common (Lv 40+15), Upperclass (Lv 70+30), Gold (Lv 100+40)
    • Attack: Common (Lv 40+15), Upperclass (Lv 70+30), Gold (Lv 100+40)

    Please note that there are different progressions depending on the equipment set you use.

    Depending on the equipment you equip, you can obtain different skill increases. The “Elden Ring” is a base skill that is shared by all classes, and you may obtain a skill increase of up to +30 with the Elden Ring skill, which is used by two of the four skills of your class. You can learn up to four skills in each class.

    Elden Ring skill increases are obtained in combination with skills from other sources, such as weapon type skills or order skills. You can combine different Elden Ring skills together to obtain even better skill increases. You can also earn additional skill increases through the Equipment Level-Up System or other actions. The activation chance on the various Elden Ring-related actions is influenced by the class skill “Elden Ring”. When you equip an Elden Ring, you will receive a “Mark of the Elden


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    Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more What the Critics Say GameReviews East Coast: “It is easy to assume that The Tarnished Prince will have a lot of things to be fixed/updated in later versions, but so far the only notable problem I’ve experienced is some game crashing while in the middle of an intense battle. Despite being an early access game, the combat and enemy movements in itself feel great, and while it might not be the most visually appealing game, it certainly isn’t lacking in that department either. For the most part, this is going to be a great looking RPG that for the most part has a lot of polish.” GameZone: “I was just a tad disappointed that the combat is turn-based and not real-time. While the turn-based battles are fluid and very easy to read, the real-time battles in other games are more complex but still easier to read.” GameSpot: “[The] detailed world with clear, geometric lighting, the regal strength of your character’s new outfit, and the well-balanced action are all done with a considerable amount of style.” NowGamer: “GATE STUDIOS already has a great reputation for action RPGs, but then again, The Tarnished Prince is on a completely different scale to all its predecessors, and you won’t find any of the complaints about its gameplay here. From the protagonist to the mechanics, visuals and world, it’s very much a RPG, but it’s a good one.” Most Recent Game Review “Unexpected.” PC, Early Access, RPG, Action, Turn-based Developer Notes: —————————————————— Turn-based battles are important to us. When we started developing The Tarnished Prince, we considered applying the new strategy game thinking to the strategy RPG genre. But we found the battles challenging and difficult, which was a proof that we’d made a bff6bb2d33


    Elden Ring

    Upon starting the game, you create a character and are given permission to select the name. The world of the game is made up of three realms, called the Steam Lowlands, Mountain Highlands, and Sky Highlands. In the Steam Lowlands, there are three types of regions. There is the countryside where you can go on quests, pick up items, and attend festivals. There are cities where you can chat with other people and buy items. And in the mountains and towns, you can enter four-star dungeons. There are also some facilities in the lower regions, such as weaponsmiths and blacksmiths, where you can upgrade your equipment. Once you start the game, you can only explore the Steam Lowlands and towns. Therefore, you must first level up in order to visit the next realm. In the Steam Lowlands, there is a wide variety of quests that take you to towns and dungeons. In the Steam Lowlands, every time you clear a quest, you gain items that can be used to upgrade your character. You can visit the cities and towns to buy equipment and items from NPC shops. You can upgrade your armor, weapons, and magic by forging new equipment at the weapon and armor shops. Players can freely select their own weapons and armor. You can develop your own personal style for your equipment. You can also freely combine different types of weapons and armor. Players can freely adjust the degree of difficulty in dungeons according to their own style. Cheating is prohibited in the game. For forging equipment, you must first obtain the given equipment through a quest or a shop. For example, by using a bonus item from a quest, you can obtain a weapon. There are many types of equipment that can upgrade your character. You need to upgrade your equipment to strengthen your character. When you are satisfied with the equipment, you can enter the dungeons. There are four types of dungeons. Forts. In the forts, you enter into a dungeon. You need to fight with monsters to progress. Cities. In cities, you enter into a dungeon where you have to fight monsters to reach the bottom. Zones. In zones, you need to fight monsters to reach the bottom. You can freely decide how to deal


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Koei Tecmo has released a brand new trailer for LawBreakers. Tenshinhan brings you the player perspective of proceedings in the Wasteland.

    Showcasing the mountains and valleys of the Wasteland as having high levels of biodiversity, this post-apocalyptic area is the home to the forces of the law, and their nature and depiction is dramatically different from that of the lands described in the Far East. An expansive and complicated part of the world, endowed with diversity that adds an unexpected element to the world.

    Of note for players are the visions depicted in the trailer. Plagued by visions of the end of the world, these final hours are a time of desperation, but also a time of enlightenment. The sight of the crumbling laws of this world will take faith.

    Be the hero of your generation. Unleash your inner power and become the hero of the law and the Wasteland!



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