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AutoCAD is designed for people who create 2D and 3D drawings. The software is often used by architects, engineers, graphic designers, and other professionals who need to create and modify drawings. Although AutoCAD may be used to build a house or a bridge, the primary function of AutoCAD is to create the blueprint that architects use to build those structures.

AutoCAD is the second most commonly used CAD program and is one of the most popular software programs in the world. It has been installed on more than 300 million desktops and is used in the design of all types of products and manufacturing facilities. Although AutoCAD is primarily a desktop application, it is also available as a mobile and web app.

Applying AutoCAD

AutoCAD is used for a variety of projects and tasks, ranging from simple 2D drawings to complex 3D models. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, you can work with AutoCAD by using the GUI (graphical user interface), the command line (command line interface), or the API (application programming interface).

AutoCAD for beginners

There are two ways to start using AutoCAD: you can either get AutoCAD as a trial and then buy the program, or you can buy the program and get the software on CD. The trial version comes with limited features.

You can use the trial version for up to 60 days without paying for it. At the end of this period, you must purchase the program to continue using it. The AutoCAD trial version includes basic functionality such as creating, modifying, and printing drawings and text.


The AutoCAD program has many features that make it an excellent choice for new users. Here are some of the most important features and how you might use them.


Create a 3D model. The AutoCAD modeling program lets you draw in 3D space.

You can create a 3D model by using a feature called Drafting, which lets you draw 2D shapes on a 3D surface. You can draw in two dimensions (2D) or three dimensions (3D). AutoCAD provides many different types of 2D and 3D shapes, including basic geometric shapes (such as rectangles, circles, and polygons) and engineering shapes (such as cylinders and spheres). You can also draw objects that have complex shapes, such as clothing

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Computing resources for Autodesk products

Autodesk’s customers often purchase a number of AutoCAD Product Key-based products such as:

Autodesk 2016

The 2016 release of AutoCAD contains:

The 2016 update of AutoCAD includes:

Autodesk 2014

Autodesk 2014 includes:

Autodesk 2013

Autodesk 2013 includes:

The 2013 version of AutoCAD contains:

Autodesk 2012

Autodesk 2012 includes:

Autodesk 2011

The 2011 version of AutoCAD contains:

Autodesk 2010

Autodesk 2010 includes:

Autodesk 2009

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Autodesk 2008

Autodesk 2008 contains:

Autodesk 2006

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Autodesk 2005

Autodesk 2005 contains:

Autodesk 2004

Autodesk 2004 contains:


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Autodesk’s AutoCAD homepage
Autodesk’s 3D Content homepage
Autodesk’s Engineering And Construction homepage
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Autodesk’s 3D Construction Data homepage
Autodesk’s PowerView homepage
Autodesk’s Revit homepage
Autodesk’s Navisworks homepage
Autodesk’s Structure homepage
Autodesk’s Inventor homepage
Autodesk’s Health and Safety Statistics (
Autodesk’s Construction Industry Operations Statistics (
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Autodesk’s Engineering Sciences Statistics (

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External links
Autodesk official website

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array([‘a’, None, None, ‘b’],


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What’s New In AutoCAD?

New lines and text

AutoCAD’s lines and text tools have evolved. Now there are many more choices for text, so you can easily insert headings, captions, and short notes, and set their alignment and font properties.

Also, new drawing tools let you draw text along an invisible path or use “sticky” text that stays on the same layer. And you can easily add and delete text, even when the drawing is locked.

Revisions (also known as “revisions” or “revisions history”)

Revisions are now a separate, predefined layer, so you can switch easily between original drawings and revisions. Revisions, like any other layer, can be locked to prevent changes by other users or external applications. In addition, you can view a revision history in a single click.

You can now apply scale factors to layers.

Text from other drawings and software

You can now read in text from other drawings, documents, PDFs, and software and place it directly into your drawings. When importing text, you can set the font, font size, and alignment. For most types of text, you can also set the text’s color, outline, and kerning.

Also, we now recognize the most common abbreviations in text and place them automatically.

Text tools

You can now align the text and text features for any type of text, including lines, arcs, rectangles, ellipses, and polylines. You can also attach and align arcs and polylines to the text.

Layer styles

You can now use a unified style to apply and view the appearance of multiple layers, such as fonts, fills, and other layer settings.

You can also create and apply a custom style for your own drawings.


Create more complex shapes with the new straight and compound commands. For example, you can use the new compound command, Squiggle, to create the shape shown here, a squiggle that you can adjust with settings such as width, height, and the number of lines.


Paths can now be created or edited with multiple points and options, including linear, circular, quadratic, and exponential. You can also easily adjust the shape of the path and the path’s overall appearance.

Line and Polyline

System Requirements:

-Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or a newer version of Windows
-1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)
-10GB of free hard-disk space
-DirectX 11 with a Shader Model 4.0 compatible graphics card
-Internet Explorer 11, or later
-Blu-ray ROM drive or compatible DVD-ROM drive
-Sound and video cards with an HDMI port or compatible VGA port
-Mac OS X 10.7 or later
-10.8 or later in Snow Leopard

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