Tatsuro Yamashita OPUS All Time Best 19752012 FLAC BEST

Tatsuro Yamashita OPUS All Time Best 19752012 FLAC BEST


Tatsuro Yamashita OPUS All Time Best 19752012 FLAC

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singer: Tatsuro Yamashita All Time Best 19752012 (Limited Edition), 2012, 07, 06, 10, lossless, CD. Tatsuro Yamashita OPUS All Time Best 19752012 FLAC … Download Tatsuro Yamashita OPUS All Time Best 19752012 FLAC –>>> FLAC OK … Aiko – 予告 Mora/JUNO – «««««««««««««««««««««««««««« «… … – – – « … … … … … … – … – « – Opus All Time Best 1975-2012Tatsuro Yamashita Description Tatsuro Yamashita is a Japanese singer-songwriter. In the 1970s, he was a popular figure who had some hits in the Tangerine Dream range. He later moved towards more inspirational songs. He is said to be one of the greatest Japanese songwriters. His career began during his high school years with the popular Japanese New wave band ZAKU. The band, under drummer Tatsuro Yamashita, changed their name to ZAKU in 1972. He was a part of the popular Tangerine Dream-like band, Steeler. Their early albums, A Love Song and A Song For You, were almost as progressive as Tangerine Dream’s early days. In 1975, he released a track called “Dreaming Girl”, and it became an immediate hit in Japan, selling over a million copies. His follow-up album, Fragile, released in 1975, was also a massive hit. In 1975 he started his solo career with his fourth album, OPUS, released in 1987 on Warner Bros., as part of the Warner Bros.-owned Japan Records label. Its first single, “Dreaming Girl” became a major hit. Tatsuro has released 6d1f23a050


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