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Spotify is a music streaming and playback application for Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Spotify client is able to stream music from the Spotify website as well as various online music sources including SoundCloud, Google Play, and Apple Music. Spotify was built from the ground up to work well with mobile devices and fit in people’s everyday lives. From its first release in October 2008, Spotify now has more than 60 million registered users and 30 million active monthly users as of May 2015. Spotify has music recommendations based on individual users’ listening history as well as playlists made by others using Spotify’s web interface. The web interface can also be used to create or browse playlists, like a personalized radio station based on music.

Acrobat Reader (pronounced “ak-ro-b-t reader”), formerly known as Adobe Acrobat and Portable Document Format (PDF), is an Adobe software suite for creating, viewing, and printing Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. Acrobat Reader has become the PDF viewing application of choice among more and more users and also serves as the basis of Adobe’s other PDF software, Adobe Acrobat. In 2004, Acrobat Reader won PC Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for the top program of the year.

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