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—# Purpose of the Keymacro–#
# + Draws the FileMaker File Path Dialog +
# + Searches the FTP Server for the Path +
# + Downloads the File +
# + Converts the File to an FIT File +
# + Removes the File from the FTP Server +
# + Renames the File +
# + Places the File into the FTS as a File Type Extension +
# + Converts the File to a Data File +
# + Unzips the File (required for some formats) +
# + Opens the File for Editing
Filepath looks up the full file path, and stores it into the config database so that it may be used to continue processing on the other events.
This is used for example, to check if the user has access to a certain file on the FTP server, by trying to look it up with the filepath keymacro.
FTP User Interface looks up the name of the FTP user that the file is going to be downloaded from and selects it. This is used to select the FTP user in the subsequent actions.
Downloading the File checks if the user has the necessary permission to download the file, and also checks the network connection between the FileMaker database and the FTP server.
Renaming the File looks up the target folder where the file will be placed, and updates the config database with the full path.
Placing the File creates a new folder with the name of the target folder and places the file into that folder.
Converting the File converts the file to an FIT file or a Data file. If the file isn’t a valid data file, then the FileMaker database is updated with the full path to the file, and the config database is updated with the file’s FIT extension.
Extracting the File zips the file so that it may be opened for editing in FIT editor.
Opening the File unzips the file and places the resulting folder into the specified target folder.
Edit the File makes sure that the user has the proper access to the file, and then attempts to open the file for editing with the specified FIT editor. If the file is already open in FIT editor, then it will be replaced with the new file.
Unzipping the File unzips the file, creates a new folder with the name of the target folder, and places the resulting folder into that folder.
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The Rinzo XML editor is a multi-faceted tool designed to allow simple editing of an existing XML file. With Rinzo, you are not restricted to a traditional file-based approach to document editing. Instead, you can save, view, edit, convert and send an entire XML document to email in seconds. In a sense, the Rinzo XML editor works by automating the complexities of XML document structure.
HTTP Server Description:
The HTTP server application is a simple console application that listens on a port, accepts requests, and responds with the requested content. It may be used as an HTTP proxy.
XML Diff Editor Description:
The XML Diff editor is a small application designed to make it possible to quickly edit and compare two different XML documents.

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Ask HN: Pricing for web service? – ifesdjeen

Hi there,
for a while now I’m thinking to develop an application. I’m an developer.
1) I want to get some money out of it!
2) I think I have great ideas to serve that money 🙂
3) If I do it, I want to see how I can offer that to other people.The problem is how much I should charge for my web service.
Of course I think it should be cheap, but I want to see how the price I set is for now.Do you know how to set the price of web services?
The first thing you need to do is figure out what the product you’re selling
is. Take a look at something like PayPal or Dwolla and see how they’re doing

1) What’s your risk? If you’re a startup, there’s a lot of risk involved. If
you charge a flat fee, you could run out of money really quickly and have to
shut down. If you’re talking about putting your servers at risk, you’re going
to want to make sure you’re aware of the risk involved in that.

2) How are you planning to scale? The market for your product is pretty
small. You’ll either be limited to serving a very small pool of customers, or
you’ll be limited in terms of what you can offer and have to give away a lot.
It’s best to make sure that you understand what your limits are and know what