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This is a free, open source implementation of ‘Babylon’ for Java. The goal is to present an open source, easy to use drawing tool that has a sound based ‘answering machine’ like functionality.
What we offer:
This project includes the ‘client’ as well as the server needed to run it.
The client is a Java ‘applet’, so it can be run as a stand alone applet or embedded in a web page. It will not work in Internet Explorer or Firefox (I don’t have access to those versions), however the Adobe Flash plugin should work fine in those browsers.
The server is written in Java and supports the following features:
■ Private chatting between individuals (that is, users can’message’ each other and see the results ‘live’, but the other user cannot see this).
■ A server that can be queried to return information on the online status of users.
■ Automatic time synchronization, so users’ clocks are in sync.
■ An option to ‘accept’ a message and ‘forward’ it to another user.
■ An option to’reject’ a message and ‘delete’ it from the chat room.
■ Audio-enabled messages (‘paging’) and other audio features like talking books, soundboards and alarm sounds.
■ Image-based user avatars (‘avatars’).
■ A ‘playlist’ of ‘whispered’ or hidden messages for a room. This feature is used when a private chat is ‘whispered’ and only the participants can see the current state of the conversation.
■ A’message archive’ for unsent messages.
■ Option to accept a file for download or file upload.
■ Option to’send email’ with information on a specific chat room, and an option to send images to the email recipient.
■ A ‘file browser’ for loading images.
■ Customizable / dynamic / configurable ‘help’ links, which point to the source code of the chat client.
Keymacro was built using Java ME APIs and requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
The server can also be run on an ordinary desktop computer.
Please see our home page for other projects and how to install.
Feedback, comments, and issues are welcome and appreciated.
For any other questions, please contact us. 70238732e0

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Keymacro allows the use of macrodefinitions for translating type definitions into XML Schema (REC-xmlschema-1-).
This will not enforce compatibility with the DTD, but the translation is more efficient and you will get more information about the DTD model in the XML Schema.
The macrodefinitions can be written in any programming language, however they should be a file which can be imported into a Java program.
The file format is simple text with #-comments.
The macrodefinitions can be used in the main schema file or in a separate file.
The macrodefinitions can be used for both schema1 and schema2 type definitions.
Schema1 – the namespace is used by the spec document (the W3C XML Schema recommendation), in this schema namespace you will find definitions for classes such as complexType, element, attribute, attributeGroup and all kinds of elements.
Schema2 – this namespace is used to define elements and attributes in XML documents, the schema document is here described as REC-xmlschema-1- (see the W3C XML Schema page).
If you use the schema2 syntax to define your type definitions, it is possible to use DTD entities in your document.
The following elements in the REC-xmlschema-1- namespace are defined by DTD: